Web Portal Development And Management

  • Government Portals Solutions • Institution Portals Solutions
  • Educational Portals Solutions • Merchants Portals Solutions
  • Mobile Application Portal Solutions
  • Medical Portal Solutions
  • Business Enterprises Portal Solutions
  • Hotels, Tourism and Resorts Portal Solutions • Security Agencies Portal Solutions
  • Library Portal Solutions

Management Information System Design and Deployment

Management information Systems are computerized systems for gathering the administrative, financial, production, and other information that are required for efficient management of organizations, institutions and businesses. We design Management Information System (MIS) for organizations of varying sizes and different work processes with highly proficient tech support during and after project implementation.

Accounting Solutions Developments

Our Accounting solutions are currently developed for: -

  • Government at all levels,
  • Institution; for managing various accounting task and processes
  • Educations
  • Merchants,
  • Mobile Accounting Solutions
  • Medical Accounting Solutions
  • Business Enterprises etc.

Biometric Systems and Smart cards

Our Biometric Access Control and RFID Systems provide the latest non- intrusive biometric access control security solutions. These biometric access control security products incorporatefingerprint, face, iris, voice,

signature recognition, smartcard. These biometric technologies can b e used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs. We also offer Biometric Access Controlled customized solutions to allow integration of our biometric security software with client existing IT infrastructure, Office complex and physical structure.

Scratch card Programming Algorithms

With the revolution of electronic payment and processes, scratch cards have become a daily companion and solution for businesses and customers appreciations alike for various payment processes and transactions. Vouchers in the forms of scratch cards are taking over various payment platforms and registrations in virtually every sector of our local and international economy and business processes. We specialize in designing systems that handles voucher generations and management with our flawless programming algorithms, which meets the needs of our diverse clients.

Broadband Internet Service Provision

  • Corporate Businesses
  • Government Entities
  • Home Users
  • NGOs
  • Institutions, Schools, Health centers et cetera.

Mobile Application

With our dynamic programming tools and expert programmers, our mobile application designs and development cuts across: -

  • Banking Application
  • Business Application
  • Multimedia application
  • Entertainment
  • Education & Learning
  • Medical information etc.

Software Development And Training

Email Server Deployment and Management

We deploy email servers and management services that give our entire client round the clock access to their emails both onsite and offsite nonetheless.

  • Government Agencies and parastatal
  • Institution and NGOs
  • Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges etc.
  • Business Enterprises.

Enterprise Database Deployment and Management

We design robust, specialized, customized and scalable database systems to suit any client’s specifications and processes with our full technical support and effective turnaround maintenance. Our solutions have been deployed for: -

  • Government Agencies and parastatal
  • Institution and NGOs
  • Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges etc.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is the style of computing where massively scaled IT related capabilities are provided as a service across the internet to multiple external customers and are billed by consumption. We have partnered with reputable Cloud Computing service providers in order to give our clients world class Cloud services.

Internet and Information Security Implementation

Information security has come to play an extremely vital role in today's fast moving, but invariably technically fragile business environment. Consequently, secured communications are needed in order for both companies and customers to benefit from the advancements that the Internet is empowering us with. Our objective is to ensure a highly efficient security implementation for our client’s Internet and Information operations.

Security Solutions

Security is crucial in today’s lifestyle and business; nonetheless, we have well equiped secrutiy systems and protocols to make our clients infrastructures safe; our security solutions ranges from:-

  • Airport Security Solutions
  • Highway Security Solutions
  • Sea Port Security Solutions
  • Border Security Solutions
  • Office complex Security Solutions
  • Hospital and Institution Security Solutions etc.
  • Homes,Malls, parks, Conference Halls et cetera.
Installation of MATV, CCTV, Alarm Systems, Access and Security System, Wireless Network, including supply, termination, testing and commissioning.

Engineering and Construction

  • Construction Management (we combine engineering and management skills to complete construction projects designed by either ours or other engineers or architects).
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering (We perform analysis of soils and rocks in support of engineering projects/applications - building foundations, earthen structures, underground facilities, dams, tunnels, roads, etc)
  • Structural Engineering (We design of all types of stationary structures - buildings, bridges, dams, etc.)
  • Surveying(Wemeasure/maptheearth’ssurfaceinsupportofengineering design and construction projects and for legal purposes - locating property lines, etc.)
  • Water Resources Engineering (The control and use of water, focusing on flood control, irrigation, raw water supply, water treatments, Dam construction and hydroelectric power applications)
  • Our Overall Focus: Machines, structures, devices, mechanical systems, and energy conversion systems. Our Primary Areas of Specialization:
  • Solid Mechanics (We analyze the behavior of solid bodies subjected to external loads, stress, and/or vibrations and using that information in the design and manufacturing /construction of such bodies for various client requirements specifications)
  • Fluid Mechanics (We analyze the behavior of liquids and gases and utilize that knowledge in the design and development of machinery and systems that can and/or do influence the performance of pumps, fans, turbines, piping systems, etc.)
  • Thermodynamics (We analyze the conversion of one form of energy into another and using that knowledge to design and develop energy conversion devices and systems such as power plants, engines, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, etc.)
  • Mechanical Design (We cover the full range of mechanical-based products and systems)